Corporate Profile
The Pursuit of Flooring Excellence began in the 1920s when Michael George Sabosik first entered the industry. He passed on his enthusiasm for the craft to his son, Michael Edward Sabosik who also made a name for himself as he refused to give his client's anything but the best he had to offer.
 After honing his craft within other organizations, he formed M.E. Sabosik Associates Inc. in 1972 alongside his wife, Julia, his son Robert, his daughter Paula, and his son-in-law Marty. They all came together with a common purpose: that exceptional service would be the deciding factor in the eventual success of their endeavor.

His grandson, Robert Murdoch also quickly took to the company mantra when he joined the firm in 1988. M.E. Sabosik Associates Inc. was incorporated on the principle that there is only one way to do a job - the "right" way. From this basic philosophy came the Company slogan: "Where Quality Doesn't Cost -- It Pays." At M.E. Sabosik Associates Inc., we have built our reputation by tackling what others have called "impossible" situations. Through years of experience in dealing with a number of flooring manufacturers, we have been able to develop strong ties with those who are able to fulfill the demanding needs of Sabosik and its customers.

Due to our excellent rapport with these manufacturers, and the volume of business that we do with them, we are able to turn around even large orders in a matter of hours. Equally important is our relationship with various transportation experts who are capable of delivering large shipments of flooring materials - virtually overnight, if necessary. When another company claims that something is "impossible" and can't be done, call us and let us work to make the impossible possible.