Capabilities: Moisture Remediation
Many manufacturers require extremely low moisture vapor emission levels for their warranties to be valid. All of these factors can conspire to make the concept of successful moisture remediation seem impossible.
 M.E. Sabosik Associates Inc. prides itself on being at the forefront of practicing methods to identify and reduce moisture vapor emissions to approved levels. We use various technologies, including the rapidly emerging "relative humidity" testing method, to identify both qualitative and quantitative methods of identifying the level of moisture vapor emissions, and then making a corrective recommendation based on these findings.

There are all sorts of factors that can make moisture a major roadblock on the road to a successful project. Compressed job schedules, improper adding of additional water to concrete trucks prior to pouring, rainfall through incomplete roofing systems, sprinkler system leaks, lack of climate control during the construction phase, poor landscaping which fails to drain standing water away from the building, missing or faulty vapor barriers, saw cutting of slabs for plumbing modifications, project jobsites missing windows causing the HVAC to elevate relative humidity levels, and bad concrete mixes are just a few of the conditions that can make moisture vapor a serious issue.

Contact us to discuss some of the myths and warning signs that are often ignored prior to the installation of new flooring, so we can insure that moisture related failures don't have an impact on your project.