There is a temptation to overlook the unique services that differentiate the truly qualified flooring specialists from the mere installers.
 M.E. Sabosik Associates Inc. prides itself on identifying project challenges BEFORE they negatively impact the project. Project Consulting, Lift Systems, Moisture Testing and Remediation, Floor Leveling and Preparation featuring Ardex products, and Technical Support services are all emphasized to ensure that an army of experts are at your disposal to deal head on with unexpected hurdles. We are a member of StarNet, a nationwide cooperative dedicated to the belief that service can make or break a relationship. StarNet's members work not only with product manufacturers, but also with each other, to guarantee projects are completed as promised, while the methods adhere only to the industry's highest standards. Shared installation expertise and manpower make local jobs easy and national jobs possible. As a StarNet member, M.E. Sabosik Associates Inc. can be the local resource with StarNet being the national source for every flooring need. In addition we are members of FCICA, an organization dedicated to raising the installation skills of its members to among the elite of the industry.

Four members of our management team are actively involved on the national stage:

Bob Sabosik is the current chairman of StarNet; Martin Murdoch and Paula Murdoch are past chairman of FCICA; Robert Murdoch currently leads the technology committee of StarNet in an effort to use technology to increase our productivity and better service our customers. In addition, Martin Murdoch serves on The International Labor Management Committee for "INSTALL" -- the Nation's recognized leader in training & education in the flooring industry.